Top 5 Freelancing Platforms to earn money from in 2021

Freelance platforms are a market place for businesses and freelance workers from all over the world. They typically make money by taking a cut from both the employer and the freelancer. For the money they charge these platforms provide a hassle-free and convenient business experience to both parties. Freelancing has both positives and negatives. You …

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What is Sustainability Entrepreneurship?

Sustainability entrepreneurship contributes to solving social and environmental problems, particularly in emerging and developing countries. adelphi supports the development of sustainable business models. Entrepreneurs who start a business to serve both self-interests and collective interests by addressing unmet social and environmental needs are usually referred to as sustainable entrepreneurs. Compared with regular entrepreneurs, we argue …

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Why entrepreneurial intentions are important?

Entrepreneurial intention (EI) is defined as “the conscious state of mind that precedes action and directs attention toward entrepreneurial behaviors such as starting a new business and becoming an entrepreneur”  Considerable agreement exists about the importance of promoting entrepreneurship in both developed and developing countries. In advanced industrialized countries, such as the United States, entrepreneurship …

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