Ms. Rabia Agha Armghan a visionary  Entrepreneur and Educator, leads E.Educators with a focus on Socio-economic empowerment. With a Masters degree in English literature and a background in psychology, she merges education and entrepreneurship, marginalized communities in Pakistan. Rabia’s expertise spans corporate training and program design, honed through roles in esteemed institutions. Actively involved in Chambers of commerce, she advocates for women entrepreneurship and conducts training for UN Women. Recognized with awards like the SATHA innovation Award, Rabia is a sought – after speaker, championing societal growth through innovative initiatives. Also a philanthropist, TEDx talk Speaker, a farward thinking expert in Brand Strategies and and captivating keynote speaking, she is a true expert who has worn many hats from Learning Facilitator to Corporate Trainer.
Beyond corporate success, she’s a compassionate guide for personal and personal growth. Her journey from Educationist to Entrepreneur empowers students, professionals and families through her courses. She’s a driving force for Entrepreneurship and Freelancing in Pakistan.
She is also working as a learning Facilitator and member of board of Directors at  kamyab Pakistan khushali Centre at Viqar Un Nisa Noon Girls Higher Secondary institute.