Amazon vs eBay: Which one is better for selling your products?

Ecommerce went through an incredible surge in 2020 as consumers shifted from shopping in-store to online. By the end of the year, 74% of consumers believed the majority of consumer shopping would happen online in the future — up from 69% just months earlier. From this trend it was clear that in 2021 ecommerce shopping would be uplifted by a lot.

Amazon and Ebay are the biggest platforms where people sell and buy but the question is which one is better? Lets answer it.

Consumer Trust first and foremost of all, both Amazon and eBay take this one very seriously, but Amazon tends to edge in this. In fact, Amazon is so focused on gaining and maintaining the trust of its customers that it’s included in the company’s vision, mission, and values.

Moving on, we see a noticeable difference between the two is fulfillment methods, here again amazon takes an edge as Amazon gives more choice to its vendors, it allows them either pack their orders themselves or send it to amazon headquarters and the workers would pack. But eBay just has one option for the vendors to pack themselves.

Pricing and quality strategy of both the organizations is very different, in this this specific aspect it’s not wrong to say that eBay takes the lead. Since its launch in 1995, eBay has remained a marketplace for others to conduct their businesses. Amazon has not. Instead, it has morphed into a retailer, in addition to being a marketplace for third-party sellers.

Plus, unlike Amazon, eBay doesn’t restrict what can be sold on the site based on a product’s quality. From brand new products to threadbare used items, eBay sellers can sell virtually anything. (Obviously, illegal items are prohibited.) So this gives buyer a wider choice and that motivates people to buy from ebay.

eBay has a more diverse range of payment methods including paypal, credit, debit, Apple pay, Google pay but Amazon fails to provide with such diversity.

This is a small analysis of what the main differences between eBay and Amazon are.