How to learn new skills online

Online learning is becoming a new norm for many people who want to learn new skills and do not want to spend four years in an institution.

The benefit of online learning is that people can learn only those skills that they require and leave out the courses that are not necessary to their learning unlike in a University where we have to take multiple courses in a given amount of time. We can also save a lot of commute time by switching to online courses, this saves not only time but also money. Another reason is that online courses are much cheaper than University courses.

There are also many websites available to choose from when searching for online courses, like Udemy, Coursera, edX, Udacity, LinkedIn Learning and Skillshare. They all have different types of courses available and each have a unique learning experience for users. The costs is very low as well but there are still many free online resources available that people can search their required courses